1. Land Litigation:


Any legal proceeding or dispute arising out of land or in-respect of land, more specifically the nature of suit or case includes but not limited by the followings;

a. Declaration of  Title

b. Recovery  of  Possession

c. Injunction

d. Cancellation of  Deeds/Instruments

e. Eviction

f.  Specific Performance of Contract

g.  Records and Mutation

h. Land survey tribunal issues

i.  Partition

j.  Money

k. Small Causes

l.  Proceedings  on the issue of transferring land by way of sale, gift (Heba), mortgage, lease, trust, will, probate, settlement, license, Contract for Sale (Baina), etc 

2. Banking Matter


The proceedings relating to original Bank transactions which includes but not limited by the followings;

a.  CIB Reports by Bangladesh Bank

b. Letter of Credit (L.C) matters

c. Calculation of Interests or other terms involve with Bank Account

d. Any other proceedings concerning Bank transaction


3. Artha Rin


Artha Rin matters mean the cases or suits initiated under the Artha Rin Ain. Lawyers Bangladesh has been assisting its clients in all kinds of artha rin matters. The nature of Artha Rin cases are including but not limited to the followings;

a. Repayment of Loan

b. Selling of property (Collateral Security)

c. Mortgage (Equitable Mortgage)

d. Installment process of loan

e. Arrest and Civil Imprisonment under artha rin ain.

f. Issues of pledge goods

g. Auction sale of Property


4. Educational Institutional Matter

5. Corporation issues

6. Compensation & Financial Matter

7. Insurance Matter