Law Offices in Bangladesh

December 6, 2011 in Publication

Today’s Bangladesh is not a country counting to the bottom but due to its standard law it became a country of rule of law. Though the enforcement of existing law is not cent percent but the legal laws system being a very old and well established system in the world has its identical presence. The Supreme Court is the basic and highest structure in the country for ensuring justice in the society and the lawyers, advocates, counsel, barrister and solicitors doing a great job by assisting the court in implementing justice through the law offices. In the society most number  of disputes come are civil, criminal, writ, land litigation, banking, company, corporation, real estate , business law and other constitutional issues to which has specific law and different forum for adjudication. The lower judiciary have its seat in each and every unit of the local government and the peoples irrespective of poor or rich is able to get justice and relief they sought for. In the criminal matter firstly the accuseds are praying for bail and the same is granted as per law and sometimes the high court enlarged the accused on bail by exercising its discretion. In the recent era in financial matter there are so many cases and suits are coming like artha rin case, banking case, company matter and other corporate issues which directly filed before both the lower courts and high courts. In most of the cases the company and corporation they have their own legal adviser who conducts the cases as developing their career in or career in lawyer and according to law of Bangladesh there are wide scope to dispose of a dispute out of court by invoking mediation, negotiation or arbitration process. A new thing is rising so quickly it is immigration and in the country there are so many exclusive immigration practitioners among them M M Nuruzzaman and his law firms in the name of Lawyers Bangladesh become a leading immigration law firms in the country. Being a new country Bangladesh has its own legal laws system since 1971 by adopting a fresh constitution in the year 1972 under the leadership of our great leader Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman but after his departure the democracy is in a way far from its motion resulting a legal and political crisis continuing for last 36 years resulting the country a poor and under-developing country. By born the mass peoples are very brother-hood to each other but due to poverty and mal-practice by the after 80′s government there is a massive spread of corruption in every sector of the country for which the peoples concerning judicial system are ashamed of. To get rid from such situation the legal system and rule of law of the country should be modernization by amending old law and by enabling new laws and before all this to ensure enforcement of law through the law enforcing agencies as well as court of law which is also a heavy duty of the lawyers and attorneys and law offices. The police system of the country apparently  looking good but due to want of proper opportunities and other privileges the corruption has captured the said department with its dark-light for example the so-called cross-fire by the RAB in exchange of illegal means is mentioned here. Now it’s the duty of entire national to decide how they would like their society a society of crime free or like the present one and for this the very and very first step would be to obey the law and legal system/court system of the country and appreciating  more and more career in law or job in law. Lastly it is the moral obligations of the attorneys and lawyers to work for establishing the justice and rule of law in the country by eternally developing their law offices and building up the professional dignity.